Writing Guidelines

How to write your post

Write in clear and easily understandable language. Too often, IoT-related resources written by engineers are oriented toward engineers and  overly technical. We publish a range of resources— from non-technical introductions to highly technical teardowns of specific IoT technologies. However, always remember that simplicity comes after complexity. Strive to include as wide an audience as possible in your writing. And if highly technical language or acronyms aren’t essential to the specific piece, don’t use them. Lastly, add a little personality to your writing!

And finally, your post should be between 500 and 2000 words.

Choosing a Persona

Our target audience comprised of three personas. Each is detailed in our Guide: The Three Personas for IoT For All. Your topic must be framed for one primary persona. It’s true that some topics may be valuable for multiple personas, but there needs to be a specific focus— otherwise we risk appealing to no one.

Choosing a Content Type

Your post can be written to perform well in search results (searchable) or to perform well on social channels (shareable). Each has its merits and a distinct approach, detailed in our Guide: Writing for SEO vs. Writing for Social.