Submission Process

How does the submission process work?

Select the type of content you want to submit from the Guest Submission page and fill out the form. We will review all submissions thoroughly and get back to you within two weeks. We rarely take longer than that to respond, but if we do, don’t worry – we’re just having a hectic week.

After being accepted and reviewed, your article can take from 1 day up to 3 weeks to be published, depending on the queue and editorial planning -- but don't worry we will let you know when it goes live.

Once your article is published, we may ask that you also publish it to our Medium publication. To do so, you’ll need a Medium account.

Will IoT For All cross-post content I've already written?

Absolutely! If you have content you have already created and posted elsewhere and you want to breathe new life into that content, then IoT For All is the perfect place to do just that. We do ask that whenever possible you write an original post for IoT For All to share. Original just means that you wait at least two weeks after the post goes live on IoT For All before you publish elsewhere (like your own personal or company blog), for SEO purposes.

Once my content is posted on IoT For All, can I cross-post it elsewhere?

Of course! You own the content you create, if you want to crosspost your content to other publications that is totally fine with us.

If you do create an original post for IoT For All, we do request that you wait 2 weeks before crossposting to other outlets as to let the full power of our SEO optimization take effect.