Choosing a Persona

The Internet of Things and related disciplines represent a huge, varied collection of individuals and organizations. Overall, we are focused on providing content and resources to the builders and buyers of IoT solutions. 

To help you make sure your content is aimed at our audience, below we’ve included personas that you can use for reference. These personas represent the types of people for whom we are providing content and resources and what they’re interested in.

Although there will be posts that are useful for multiple personas, you should always have one specific persona in mind when writing content. If it’s not clear who a post is aimed at, we may ask that you rewrite the post or choose another topic.

1) The IoT “Implementer” (B2B or B2C)

This person is a decision maker implementing IoT at their company. They have some knowledge of the value of the Internet of Things and they are either investigating or actively pursuing the implementation of new IoT initiatives at their company.


2) The IoT “Enabler” (B2B)

This person works for an actual IoT company. That is, a company that is selling products, services, and/or solutions to the decision makers mentioned above, enabling them to implement their IoT initiatives or to build IoT products/services. For example, an employee at an IoT connectivity company, or at an IoT sensor company, etc..


3) The IoT “Newbie”

This person could eventually fall into either of the above two categories, but for now they’re completely new to IoT. Maybe they’ve just joined an IoT company, or maybe their company has recently decided to pursue IoT transformation. Either way, this person is new to many IoT terms and concepts and needs to get up to speed.