Choosing a Content Type

When writing your posts, it’s critical to decide what kind of content you’re writing: content that might not get high engagement immediately but will build up significant volume over time (Evergreen content) or content that will be very popular with high engagement, particularly on social channels, in the short term yet have high drop off (Temporal content). Both kinds of content are important and accomplish different goals, so you should aim to write a mix of both (here’s an interesting article that explains more).

Evergreen Content

When writing Evergreen content, SEO is an important consideration as it’s likely that the majority of the total traffic will come from organic search. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, when you’re writing for SEO, you’re writing your post in such a way that it will:

  1. Be more likely to be searched for by potential readers (via search engines)
  2. Once searched, appear higher in search results

Both of the above points are important. The first is important because, although you may rank high for a particular search term, if no one is searching for it then it doesn’t matter. The second is important because most readers won’t ever go past the first page of search results, and higher posts in search rankings are more likely to be clicked on and read.

There’s an entire industry and art around improving SEO for content and web pages. If you want to do your own research to discover awesome keywords to target, that’s great and we encourage you to do so! But for the purposes of IoT For All, it really comes down to common sense.

Ask yourself, “is the topic I’m writing about something that people would search for?”. And ask, “will people continue to search for this topic over time?”. Here are some good examples:

In general, how-to posts or posts that answer a question tend to be good for SEO and therefore great Evergreen content. Again, just use your common sense about whether your post would be something that someone would search for.

We’ll take care of the meta description, page url, and other SEO optimization factors after you’ve submitted your post for review/editing.

Temporal Content

These kinds of posts are posts that might not be searched for much, but these kinds of posts do two things well:

  1. They target current events and are therefore highly shareable via social media channels. People want to share them because it signifies something about themselves (like showing they’re a thought leader or that they’re in-the-know).
  2. They’re likely to attract clicks when they show up in social media feeds. Social media feeds are cluttered, so posts with current, relevant, interesting, and attention-grabbing topics tend to do well. Also, topics with a question that the person wants to know the answer too.

Here are some examples of posts that do both well:

As you can see from the examples, lists (e.g. “X things that…”) tend to be successful. Also, the first two posts demonstrate to the person’s followers that they’re in-the-know (because those posts are about IoT predictions and a conference’s takeaways respectively).

We’ll share your posts across all of our social channels when they go live, but it’s also up to you to share with your own personal networks too! We’ve also found that relevant subreddits and LinkedIn groups can drive a lot of traffic, so we encourage you to pursue those channels as well.