Application Process

What's a Contributing Writer?

Contributing Writers are curious and eager individuals who are obsessed with cutting-edge technology, looking to build a better future. Like us, they live and breathe IoT.

What's a Member?

Members are forward-thinking companies that are moving the needle for IoT. They want to demonstrate their expertise and expand their thought leadership by sharing compelling content with our audience.

How do I become a Contributing Writer or Member?

You can directly apply by filling out the Contributing Writer Application or Member. Include some samples of your best writing!

Where are Contributing Writers and Member featured?

Contributing Writers and Members get their own author page, get added to our team page, have their articles featured in our newsletter and shared on social media, and have the opportunity to attend conferences for free, among other benefits.

Whether you've published online before or are looking to share your first article with the world, we'd love to have you publish with us!

Can someone be both a Contributing Writer and a Member?

A Contributing Writer (CW) cannot also be a Member—because a CW is an individual person and a Member is a company. However, a Member can nominate one or several CWs to write underneath the umbrella of their partnership with us, in order to highlight certain important voices in their organization, such as the CEO or other senior evangelists.